The Sun, Moon, and Star

The myth as recorded in Hiligaynon Mythological Stories and Folktales (2006)
A long time ago, the sky was too close to the earth. That was the time when there was only one man and one woman in the world.

One day the woman stayed at home. This was also the time or cooking food for lunch. At first, she pounded rice grains. Before she started pounding, she removed her comb and necklace. She hung them on a tall tree. Then she began pounding the rice grains.

While she was pounding the rice, the man arrived from the rice paddies. He was very tired and hungry. He found the woman pounding on the mortar with the pestle. He took the pestle from the woman, believing that he was fast and strong. He noticed that the rice grains were not crushed well. He got a longer pestle. Every time he raised the pestle, it bunped into the sky. This made him angry. He shouted, cursing that the sky be high. Then, immediately, the sky gradually became higher and higher until it was so high.

On the ground, near the house, there could be seen a fire and a pot; something was being cooked. When thhe sky rose, the fire and the pot were carried up high together with the comb and the necklace. Nothing was left.

Today, if you look up to the sky, particularly when the weather is good, you will see the fire under the pot. That is the sun. The moon that shines at night is the pot. If it is a half moon, that is the comb. The star that twinkles at night in the sky is the necklace of the woman.
Rabuco, A. C. (2006). Hiligaynon Mythological Stories and Folktales: Analysis and Translation. University of San Agustin Publishing House.

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