About Us

The Folk’s Tale Philippines was launched by two Multimedia Arts college students: Trisha and Dana.

We have always had an interest in Philippine folk tales, mythology, and literature— so much so that we chose Philippine literature as our thesis topic for not one, but two separate thesis projects throughout our time in high school and college.

During our first project, we had to jump through several loops to gather the sources we needed to find said Philippine literature. Most books were either found behind online paywalls, in university libraries that were way too far away from where we were, or were completely out-of-publish. Either way, they were really difficult to access.

So we thought: “What if we just had an online archive for all of these stories?”

So here we are!

Dana C.

Hi there! I’m Dana. I’m primarily an illustrator, but I do enjoy storytelling, reading, and playing video games.

I primarily write the scripts for the narration in our videos, as well as the content in some of the pages in this website! I also do the voiceover and the post-processing of the audio, like picking up good takes, adding sound effects, and video editing once everything is all assembled!

Trisha C.

Hello! I’m Trisha. I love to draw paintings and code in my free time. I’ve got a love for stories whether it be on paper, in games, or online.

I’m in charge of handling most of the visual aspect of our project. I developed the Folk’s Tale website, which included the branding, creating the layout and making sure all parts of the site worked. I also drew up the doodles and sketches we use in our videos and other mats.

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